Fortunately these days, more and more people are keeping their own teeth for longer. However, sometimes tooth loss is inevitable and so help to restore function and appearance is available.

Dental Implants are increasingly a popular choice to fill a space. They act like the root of a tooth and are fitted with a replacement tooth on top. They provide a natural looking finish and, with good hygiene standards, can last for many years to come.

Another option is a fixed bridge, which as the name suggests, bridges a gap between teeth. This technique has been used for many years and is an efficient and effective way of creating an improved smile.

Dentures are a relatively low cost and quick way to replace missing teeth. They fit snugly on the gum but are removable for easy cleaning. A partial denture can be created if only a few teeth need replacing or a full set of dentures is possible too.




- Consultation & treatment plan

- Preparation

- Place implant

- Fit new tooth



- Prepare surrounding teeth

- Take impression

- Place temporary

- Fit new bridge



- Consultation & impression

- 2nd impression & jaw registration

- Try-in dentures

- Fit final denture